Applied Science Deptt. is the vital deptt. among all the departments in the Institute.It is a bridge that connect pure basic sciencies like Physics,Chemistry,Mathematics and skills of communication with Technical Knowledge and Engg. Practices. The core of the Deptt. is formed around the necessary infrastructure in terms of spacious well lighted lecture halls, well equipped labs and qualified, young and experience faculty. The department works for continuous improvement in quality of education through teacher orientation programmes, curriculum development and up gradation of laboratories.
Value Education Cell in the department keeps on providing a harmonious environment with a motive to condition the students’ mind with optimistic thinking and professional approach. Overall, the Applied Science Deptt. Strives for increasing the knowledge enhancing the critical thinking building confidence and guiding the young entrants to become successful entrepreneurs and skilled engineering professionals

Engineering Physics Laboratory

We have a premier Physics Laboratory in our institute engaged in the frontier areas of Physics. The lab is fully equipped with latest equipments covering the different fields of Physics. The mission of physics laboratory at GTBKIET is to provide hands on experiments in the basic Physics to its undergraduate students. This laboratory has state-of-the-art facilities which comprises specific equipment and currently offers different experiments in waves, optics, electricity and magnetism.

Engineering Chemistry Laboratory

The department has a spacious fully equipped Chemistry Lab .Its objective is to expose the students of 1st &2nd semester to the fundamentals of Engg. Chemistry. The lab is fully equipped with all necessary instruments like colorimeter, conductometer, ph meter, electric furnace and distillation plant etc. The students have liberty to perform experiments on their own because we believe that one has to break a few beakers to become a scientist.

Communication skills laboratory   

The main objective of Communication Lab is to make students familiar with the standard spoken English & to guide them to develop it effectively for its usage in their personal, academic & professional environment. Communication Skills Lab is well equipped with latest teaching aids like OHP, multimedia projector and audio visual equipment to enable the students to acquire Eng.language skills needed in today’s highly competitive world. Fully air-conditioned lab provides congenial ambience for students’ adequate practice in related activities like interactive session, situational conversation, seminar presentation and group discussion.