S. Avtar Singh

S. Avtar Singh
GTB Khalsa Group of Institutions

Leadership is the
capacity to translate
vision into reality

S. Avtar Singh, the Chairman of GTB Educational Trust is a Victorious Entrepreneur of India, a Social Reformer of Twentieth Century. He is a visionary educationalist, an outstanding achiever for contribution in academics.

Make the universe noble by your contributions is practically factual by the working of Hon’able Chairman S.Natha Singh Makkar, in the field of Education.

All through your time with us, we will persuade you to see the bigger picture and lend your hand to find your place within it.

Your uniqueness and aspirations are imperative to us and we are steadfast to facilitate you to craft you an exceptional personage, with the capability to comprehend and commune your own dreams in a diverse and international society.

That is what a top-notch education is all about.”

GTB never stands still. In our hastily changing and increasingly borderless world, we are working to offer you the best education possible, all the times.

At GTB Group of Institutions, you will be a part of an oldest, elite North Indian Educational group. Your savoir faire at this institute will be wrought and augmented by the affluence of opportunities to develop your life and leadership skills that employers recognize as the hallmark of supreme students.

Our scholarly values are sky-scraping. Our values presage that our students have high-ceilinged position of the learning experience that we proffer. For that rationale, we are investing overwhelmingly in budding new-fangled and existing learning amenities across campus, introducing the up-to-the-minute learning technologies, attracting foremost and rising academic idols across the country and even abroad. The standing of GTB Group depends not merely upon the eminence of our teaching and learning, but also on the excellence of our research.

At GTB Group of Institutions, you will be benefited from the proficiency of elongated existence of academic triumph, Punjab’s most gorgeous campus, an intellectual reputation for pioneering research focused on the world’s paramount confront, and a proven testimony of ensuring our students receive a very high quality education.

GTB Group of Institutions Are Eye-Catching Today…… By Our Commitments, Their Fulfillments and the Impact of Our Alumni’s Around the World!

I welcome you to GTB Group of Institutions, and appreciate your parents, for entrusting us to shape your career.