The department of CSE, established in year 1997, is one of the leading departments in the college. Computer Science encompasses both the theoretical and the practical aspects of the study of computers and algorithmic processes. Students are prepared both for further graduate studies in the discipline and also for careers in the industries. The aim of the department is to provide quality education and develop professionals who are equipped with knowledge and skills to meet with the challenges of dynamic field of computer science and engineering.

The mission of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering is to enhance and maintain an environment of educational excellence in the computing disciplines which offers: Exceptional growth for students, faculty, and staff; motivating and empowering them by providing sufficient breadth to facilitate life-long learning and professional success. It’s an opportunity to acquire a value system that enables the student to make sound decisions regarding the ethical issues that confront computer professionals in the work place and society at large. The Department is equipped with 250 Computer Systems,Wi-Fi facility and 18 Mbps leased line of internet connectivity.

Project Developmt Laboratory

A real engineer is not the one who has theoretical knowledge but is the one who knows to implement his knowledge practically. We do understand the importance of "Practical Knowledge" and so have given due importance to this concept by introducing a "PROJECT LAB", where the students learn to design and fabricate circuits and make projects which are useful in their day to day life. The major project laboratory is well equipped with hardware and software like Oracle, Java, Dream Viewer, Matlab, NS2 Simulator and other latest software that are required for the project development. Linux and Windows operating system are available to facilitate students to develop projects using technologies beyond their curriculum. In this Lab ,the students of B.Tech 7th/8th Semester do their Minor and Major Projects under the guidance of their concerned Project In-charge using different languages and platforms. The students work in the areas like image processing, embedded programming, NLP, Wireless Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Data ware housing, Multimedia etc.

Internet Laboratory

The Internet lab plays a key role to link our students and staff with the world of new technology and information. A separate lab of 42 P-IV Computers with 2.8 GHZ, 512MB RAM, 15" Monitors, 80 GB HDD is available. The institute has one dedicated lease line with the capacity of 18 Mbps from BSNL through fiber optics.

Computer Center

This lab is well equipped with the latest computer systems for the students to discuss each and every aspect of basic computer system. It is used extensively by students for learning of foundation of information technology like MS-WORD, MS-EXCEL, MS-POWER POINT and MS-ACCESS. It is also used for programming using "C" & ″C++″. This lab is well equipped with all aspects of the students of B. Tech.

Hardware Laboratory

In this laboratory, students are familiarized with computer Hardware, Installation and networking concepts. Study of transmission media, Configuration of IP address and sharing of resources (CD share and print share) is done along with practical implementation of straight cable and cross cables. In this lab students learn the functional details of various peripheral devices like video display units, disks tapes cartridges printers, Fax- Modems, TV interface, Sound and Video cards, CD-ROM, DVD, Keyboard, Mouse, Digitizers and Plotters, serial and parallel interfacing techniques different types of bus connections, handling a peripheral device through the study of Input/output drivers of the operating systems, design and integration of a peripheral device to a computer system.

Operating System Laboratory

This laboratory is used to gain experience of Operating System (Windows, UNIX, Linux, Dos etc.) and the principles of good program design and program testing of C, C++, JAVA etc. languages, which further goes for development of softwares, operating systems and future projects. Students get exposure to the installation, system administration, troubleshooting and usage of a multi-user operating system, networked operating system, stand alone operating system. Students learn UNIX 5.0, Linux, Windows NT and Shell Programming. The OS Lab, concentrating on the core functionalities such as shared memory concepts, process scheduling, multithreading, synchronization, Database design, is capable of meeting the curiosities of the students to explore the world of OS in detail

RDBMS Laboratory

This lab provides the exposure to use databases and build an RDBMS. For this, they are provided with the server based ORACLE software. This Lab is dedicated in Database Applications and software's. All the available front end languages like Visual Basic , Visual C++, Visual FoxPro ,Visual Basic. NET, C#.NET etc are installed in this lab. On the other hand ,for backend all the major database servers like MySql server, SQL server and Oracle 9i is available for students and staff to enhance their skills. To make them learn more effectively, students are given projects for implementation.

Expert System Laboratory

Computation lies at the heart of understanding all physical and biological systems. Many solutions to the most challenging problems of our lives, our work, and our world, therefore, are based in computation. Expert System Laboratory studies this vast, compelling field in an effort to unlock the secrets of human intelligence, extend the functional capabilities of machines, and explore human/machine interactions. In this laboratory, projects on forthcoming expert systems are entertained and students program their own ideas simulating human intelligence.