Mechanical Engineering has been coming into existence for 1939 in with three years course, consequential, it was changed to four years course. Our institute is one of the ancient institute in Punjab comes under Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar and it was established in1997 and has offered B.Tech Mechanical in 2003.Our department have good infrastructure and have all the labs related to our stream (eight dedicated labs). All the labs are well equipped with required machinerywhich help in overall development of students and will help the students to work efficiently in the industry. It is one of the biggest departments of the institute with student’s intake of 90.

Department Laboratories

Sr.noLaboratory NameConcerned Faculty NameAbout Laboratory
1.F.M LabEr.Janaradan ReddyThis lab is equipped with various equipments to know the behaviour of fluid at rest as well as in motion .This lab is also used to calculate losses in fluid during motion
2.T.O.M LabEr.Harpreet SinghThis lab imparts training to students regarding various lab equipments like Governor,Link mechanism, Cam,Flywheel,Balancing of rotary and reciprocating masses,Kinematic chains etc.Moreover its primary purpose is to elevated students consciousness with physical devices, systems and processes associated with mechanical engineering.
3.S.O.M LabEr.Jatinderpal singhThe department have well equipped S.O.M lab of testing mechanical properties used in production.
4.E.M.M LabEr.Vipan KumarThis lab is equipped with modern and well furnished equipments. This lab helps the students for studing. The Iron carbon diagram, TTT diagram and microstructure of material.
5.M.M.M LabEr.Amit BajajThis lab is equipped with Profile Projector, thermocouple, Straboscope, Sin Bar etc. equipments which will help the students.
6.A.T LabEr.Janaradan ReddyThis lab depics the information about various boilers, nozzles, compressors ets, that are utilized in industrilization applications.
7.F/Machinery labEr.Amanpreet SinghThis lab is equipped with basic machinery (Turbines and pumps) to utilise the power of fluid
8.R.A.C LabEr.Kumar GauravIn this lab the students get a demonstration of the basic principles & components employed in basic Refrigeration Cycle. This lab is equipped with Domestic Refrigerator Test Rig,  Ice Plant Test Rig, Air-conditioning Test Rig, Vapour Absorption Test Rig as well as cut section models of the various components used in the refrigeration & air conditioning systems.
9.H.T LabEr.Amanpreet SinghThis lab is equipped with equipments to verify the various laws of heat transfer under covection, conduction and radiation.
10.I.A.R LabEr.Vipan KumarThis lab is equipped with modern and well furnished equipments which will help the students for understanding the theoritical and practical analysis of the working trainers. This lab equipped with computer controlled Robotic arm and Pneumatic trainer.
11.CAD/CAM LabEr.Manmeet SinghThis lab enhance the knowledge  of students related to labs and design as well as manufacturing technologies with help of latest softwares.
12.Automobile LabEr.Manmeet SinghThis lab is used by students to learn various components  of an automobile as well as the various equipments lying over in the lab attracts students.
13.M.V LabEr.Navdeep KumarThis lab is used by students to findout the benefits and losses of vibration occur in the any structure/machine to prevent it from pre-mature failure.So with the help of lab the experimental analysis of vibrations help the mechanical engg. to control the harmful effects of vibration on machine or try to enhanced the vibrations if these are beneficial to machine.
14.M.P LabEr.Kumar GauravIn this lab the students learn about the various Manufacturing Processes as well as their related technologies & equipments employed in the industry for the manufacturing of various components